Expand your Online reach with Live Communities !

The LiveCommunities social networking application allows your Internet audience to upload photo, video and audio files into your Live Communities Web site, for sharing, exchanging comments, and for playout. Uploaded files goes straight into your Newsroom system for possible use, turning your information consumers into contributors, significantly increasing your reach and local content intake. Revenues can be generated from advertising and sponsorship.

Live Communities

Features provided by Live Communities?

- Registration system for community of users who can upload, share, add comments and chat. Each user can create his/her own profile. Users can also rate submitted videos.

- Upload videos and photos from Web or popular mobiles with ability to add title, caption and category

- Live video streaming with the ability to start streaming at any point in the video.

- Searchable archive of all content uploaded, allowing users to search, and editors to search and select suitable content for publication.

- Routing content to YouTube to reach wider audience, benefiting from YouTube’s additional features and scalability.

- Routing content to the Newsroom, so that editors can see it as one ‘citizens’ content feed.

Allowing registered users to add comments or send to FaceBook, Twitter or Myspace.

- Creation of RSS feeds to track new submissions.

- Users’ registration panel offering moderator-oriented functionality, such as preview material, approve, deny, check abuse reports, act upon abuse reports and moderate comments.

- Branding videos, with ability to customize branding depending on whether the video is being viewed within the community website or on another website that is embedding it.

- Technology: Built on Drupal open-source CMS, Integrated with Publish Live Newsroom system from KnowledgeView.

For more information contact marketing@knowledgeview.co.uk