KnowledgeView now offers Android news apps!


Having established leadership with iPhone, iPad and Webmobile applications, KnowledgeView now offers Android news apps with the same level of excellence and richness of features

With Android Mobile you can
• Publish your news content with single-click publishing
• Enjoy zero-effort publishing if you already own Publish live mobile technology
• Generate revenues from advertising and content use
• Display quality Arabic even on non-Arabic supported Android phones

Extend your reach by publishing live news on Android mobile
• Extend your reach to the vast market of all Android mobiles
• Enables enhanced user experience with rich-media content including video play
• Allows breaking news and news notifications

Android Mobile adds value to your customers by enabling them to
• View news offline: entire channels can be saved for reading while offline, and individual articles
can be saved to favorites for offline reading, including newspaper editions
• Share stories on Facebook, Twitter and Email
• Navigate better benefiting from article tagging
• Personalize own channels
• Search for articles, photos and videos

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